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NAV 2013 Web Client Architecture Considerations Scenario

NAV 2013 Web Client Architecture "Considerations" Scenario


"My Questions" to Microsoft for an Implementation Scenario with a "very slow" Internet Connection (and slow latency time!!)... some questions about how NAV Web Clients Works

The browser must be able to install the Report Viewer ActiveX control to be able to print.

 Ø  Nav Technology used by the NAV Web Client (how it connects to the NAV) .. Server, which technology is used ... how NAV Web Client work

The Web Client is hosted in IIS and connects to Dynamics NAV Server over the Client Services (just like the Windows Client) over the port specified in the Setup of the NAV Server, which NAV Server it connects to from a Web Site perspective is configured in the web.config located in the Directly hosting the Web Client which default is next to the NAV Server in ..Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\70\Web Client.

Ø   Bandwidth usage of the Web client session (ho many sessions on one server.. etc.)

We do not have any exact measurements on this, it will of course be highly dependent on what the users do in terms of process, just like with the Windows Client.

Ø  Compatibility with existing browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox etc.).

The Client is supported on the major Browsers IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox.

Ø   Examples of configuration scenario (eg: 1 for NAV server, 1 server for IIS, 1 server for SQL DB etc.).

As there are lots of possible combinations, one thing to be clear on though is that One Web Site connects to one NAV Server, so in a scenario where you need to scale out on further you can setup multiple web sites and multiple NAV Servers pointing the same Database.

Ø  Differences between Web Client and RTC Client (what does less or can not use on Web Client)

Web Client as it runs in Browser will have limitation in terms of Accessing Local machine File System including assemblies and .NET references there. So things like Hosting Client Add-In's (Client Exstensibility), Client Side COM (Automation) and .NET (DotNet) references set as "Run On Client" Client will not run in Web Client.

based on : MSDN NAV Support Team Posts

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