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NAV 2009 Vs NAV 2013 Web Services (WS) Technology

NAV 2009 Vs NAV 2013 Web Services (WS) Technology NAV 2009 Security for Web Services (WS) in NAV 2009 is managed by using Windows Authentication. This is the reason access to NAV 2009 Web Services requires the user to log into a domain and be a valid Windows Login in NAV. Consequently, this is also why the user accessing the Web Services URL receives a login prompt when the SPNs/delegation is not setup properly. All the SPN/delegation setup allows the NAV Service (either RTC or WS) to authe 
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Categoria: Dynamics NAV ALL
giovedì, 14 feb 2013 Ore. 12.40

What is the difference between a Web Reference and a Service Reference?

NAV 2013 (and 2009) Web Services:  "What is the difference" between a "Web Reference" and a "Service Reference"  ? a nice post link from Freddy Blog ....   In short, the "Web Reference" is a .net 2.0 compatible Web Service reference, the "Service Reference" is a .net 3.5 "WCF based Service Reference". > Add Web Reference is a wrapper over wsdl.exe and can be used to create proxies for .NET 1.1 or 2.0 clients. Of course this means when you are pointing to a WCF service you  
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Categoria: Dynamics NAV 2013
martedì, 12 feb 2013 Ore. 09.44

Latency Time with NAV the three-tier architecture

"Latency Time" with 2013 NAV the three-tier architecture Single-user performance tests run on a two-computer setup with the three-tier architecture. Computer A runs the client tests, and computer B runs the service tier and the database to represent the server. During the test, a network throttling tool was used on computer A to simulate limited bandwidth and high latency on the connection to computer B. The different settings on the network throttling simulate high-speed ISDN and different 
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Categoria: Dynamics NAV 2013
lunedì, 11 feb 2013 Ore. 09.12

Garbage Collector in NAV 2009

Garbage Collector in NAV 2009 Garbage collector in NAV 2009 is set to DISABLED by default. Do not ask me why it is disabled. I do not know. Regardless the value DISABLED, this settings just means that Workstation mode is used for GC. Microsoft NAV team have learned, that by enabling it, you can speed up the NAV Server! Are you asking how you can enable it? It is easy, you need only to add this into the Microsoft.Dynamics.NAV.Server.exe.config file: <configuration> <runtime> 
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mercoledì, 06 feb 2013 Ore. 07.50
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