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Configuring "NAS" to use "Job Queue"

"One NAS can service multiple companies, but it does need a company to start up......"

Configuring NAS to use Job Queue

1) On the Server machine, start the Dynamics NAV Administration Console

2) Select the server instance and click the Edit button

3) Go to the NAS Services fast-tab

4) Set the Company field value to CRONUS International Ltd.

5) Set the Startup Codeunit field value to 450

Alternatively you can change the setup of step 5 to:

- Set the Startup Codeunit field value to 1

- Set the Startup Method field value to NASHandler

 - Set the Startup Argument field value to JOBQUEUE

- Click Save


Remember to Configuring the Job Queue to use the NAS

Go to Job Queues list page

- In the NAS Settings fast-tab, set Start Automatically From NAS field value to TRUE

- Click the OK button to close the card

- Starting NAS

Select the server instance in the Dynamics NAV Administration Console

- Click Restart from the Action pane

Wait a few seconds to observe the Status field change to Running

.... based on original NAV Team Blog post:

"Background Posting and Job Queue in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013" by NAV Team Blog, nice post 

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