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Upgrade reports to NAV 2013

a very nice link about report upgrading to NAV 2013 Step By Step ! Upgrade Reports to NAV2013 Report Upgrade Upgrading reports is an automated process that extracts dataset information and deletes unnecessary Classic report components from the report object. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, a report object could contain the following combinations of components: > Classic report layout (sections) and request form. > Client report definition (RDLC) layout and request page. Both Cla 
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lunedì, 12 nov 2012 Ore. 17.54

Debugging in NAV 2009

Debugging in NAV 2009http://blogs.msdn.com/b/clausl/archive/2008/10/14/debugging-in-nav-2009.aspx Great Post!UPDATE!!! Debugging is not available in the Marketing Beta, so if you have access to a later build you can try this out. If not you will have to wait for RTM. Also note that SP1 for either Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio 2008 is required.    In this post I will give you a example on how to debug in NAV 2009. 1. EnableDebugging in CustomSettings.config found here:  
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domenica, 11 nov 2012 Ore. 12.07

NAV Web Services Connectivity Samples (from Freddy Blog)

NAV Web Services Connectivity Samples (from Freddy Blog)> The Service Tear> Debugging in NAV 2009Web Services Infrastructure and how to Create an Internal Proxyhttp://blogs.msdn.com//b/freddyk/archive/2010/01/30/web-services-infrastructure-and-how-to-create-an-internal-proxy.aspxConnecting to NAV Web Services from C# using Web Referencehttp://blogs.msdn.com/b/freddyk/archive/2010/01/20/connecting-to-nav-web-services-from-c-using-web-reference.aspxConnecting to NAV Web Services from Vis 
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domenica, 11 nov 2012 Ore. 10.18

My Blog also on "dynamicsuser.net"

My Blog on "dynamicsuser.net"http://dynamicsuser.net/blogs/stefanetti/default.aspx  My Blog is now copied on "dynamicsuser.net" the first Nav Blog !Thanks for Hosting !  
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giovedì, 08 nov 2012 Ore. 07.53

Nav 2013 - Limited User licenses

About "Limited User license"Limited User licenses provide users full read, but limited write, capabilities to all of the licensed solution functionality through any and all modes of access including the Windows Client.The Limited User license is designed to give customers a lower-cost alternative for extending ERP to users who only need to perform the following tasks: • For Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 • “Read” access to data contained in the ERP solution through any client accessi 
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sabato, 03 nov 2012 Ore. 13.42
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