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NAV 2009 Issues

NAV 2009 Issues New RTC Client:- Role Based Client (its rolebased and looks modern, uses role center)- 3-Tier and its possibilties- Easy to expose webservices- New reporting possibilities - Wider configuration by user itself (hiding fields and fasttabs, adding new tasks etc.)- You are not loosing settings by compiling objects (zup file problems)- Sending notifications to other users about different things like problems with orders etc. (more support for "workflow") New Reporting:- Ability to  
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lunedì, 22 nov 2010 Ore. 11.59

Eseguire comandi emulazione tastiera da NAV

Eseguire comandi emulazione tastiera da NAV  Dichiarare variabile automation per Nome                          Tipo                             Sottotipowscript           & 
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lunedì, 08 nov 2010 Ore. 14.16
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