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Exam mb7-838 "Nav 2009 Installation & Configuration"

Oggi 12.30 esame prometric mb7-838 "Nav 2009 Installation & Configuration"   Pipeline Milano   Risultato esame: passato e anche bene, direi che è più semplice di quello sulla 4. ISSUES ESAME: Ci sono domande sul tuning con Sql (es: Indexdefrag, db multifiles etc.), bisogna studiare bene il roletailored client e relativa configurazione  e personalizzazione (cap. 3 e 4 roletailored) , ci sono anche molte domande sulla configurazione e scenari di installa 
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venerdì, 19 giu 2009 Ore. 08.33

Installing the NAV 2009 demo database to a SQL Server named instance

Installing the NAV 2009 demo database to a SQL Server named instance     One of the questions that has been raised frequently is how to install the Dynamics NAV demo database to a named instance of Microsoft SQL Server using the new installation program that was released with Dynamics NAV 2009. The short answer to this question is that this is not supported. However, there is a work around that in fact will allow you to do this.  Before going into how this can be accompl 
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giovedì, 04 giu 2009 Ore. 15.36
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