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SQL 2008 e SQL 2005: Auditing Solutions, Audit C2

SQL 2008: Server and Database Auditing Simple Longins Tracing -> enabling SQL Server Option Login Auditing: "Both Failed and Succesfull logins" many solution scenario sqldbatips Scenario: In SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition, Instance and Database level audit is now a built in function of the Database Engine with its own set of instance and database level objects, Server Audit and Server Audit Specification at the instance level and Database Audit Specification at the Database level (on 
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Categoria: Sql Server ALL
giovedì, 24 set 2009 Ore. 09.42

Error Login "A 'S' was expected here"

"A 'S' was expected here" login error  (All versione from Nav 4.X, 5.X) Errore dovuto alla codeunit 1 che controlla la tabella degli accessi  e trova anomalie nelle associazioni utenti\gruppi permessi 2 possibilità per questo errore: 1. tabella " Windows Logins" contiene in login ID Vuoto (non pià esistente). "...if the user doesn't exist anymore the ID looks like "S-1-5-21-1102201369-1425392959-26340124-1008" now the the first "S" ... is the "S" in yo 
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Categoria: Dynamics NAV ALL
mercoledì, 16 set 2009 Ore. 11.31

Recovering Sql DB from "Suspect state"

I've my database, testdb, ended up in Suspect state. The SQL log shows " I/O error 38(Reached the end of the file.) detected during read at offset xxxxxxxxxx in file '\testdb_Data.MDF'" during recovery. I do not have backup to restore the database from. So to run DBCC CHECKDB, I tried to put the database in emergency(bypass recovery) mode usingupdate sysdatabases set status = 32768 where name = 'testdb'DBCC CHECKDB showed some allocation and consistency errors and suggested "repair_allow_data_ 
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Categoria: Sql Server ALL
giovedì, 10 set 2009 Ore. 10.59
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