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SQL Rebuild Indexing Effects

The above TSQL commands should run very fast (in one second) and may have the same effect as rebuilding the index if the slowdown is due to a problem with the query plan cache in SQL Server. use mastergo DBCC FREEPROCCACHEgo DBCC FREESYSTEMCACHE ('TokenAndPermUserStore') go  
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Categoria: Sql Server ALL
giovedì, 17 apr 2008 Ore. 09.39

SQL Index Hinting Disabling (for NAV 4.0 SP3)

Index Hinting disabling (for Nav 4.0 SP3) Alcuni build esistenti NAV 4.0 SP3 hanno problemi ad utilizzare gli indici cluster, è necessario disabilitare l'index hinting per risolvere il problema. use <your NAV database name goes here>go CREATE TABLE dbo.[$ndo$dbconfig] (config VARCHAR(512) NOT NULL)goGRANT SELECT ON dbo.[$ndo$dbconfig] TO publicgo INSERT INTO dbo.[$ndo$dbconfig] VALUES('IndexHint=No')go Test use <your NAV database name goes here>go select * from dbo.[$ndo 
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Categoria: Dynamics NAV ALL
lunedì, 14 apr 2008 Ore. 09.38
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