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SQL Server “IN RECOVERING” State   Quickly Solutions to solving. 1.     Stop the service (MSSQLSERVER); 2.     Rename or delete the Database and Log files (C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Data...) or wherever you have the files; 3.     Start the service (MSSQLSERVER); 4.     Delete the database with problem; 5.     Restore the database again.   DETACH TO CLE 
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Categoria: Sql Server ALL
mercoledì, 30 giu 2010 Ore. 18.33


Setting DEADLOCK_PRIORITY with "sp_$ndo$loginproc" Well, in a perfect world we would never encounter deadlocks with NAV, but unfortunately things are not that perfect ... so we will always have deadlocks, sometimes more, sometimes less. It is quite annoying, when a DL occurs and some unattended process, e.g. a NAS or NAV Job Scheduler, is killed, because these processes hardly could resume I just found a way to - at least - define the DEADLOCK_PRIORITY for such processes with NAV, using the s 
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Categoria: Dynamics NAV ALL
giovedì, 03 giu 2010 Ore. 12.38
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