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Using ADO & Stored Procedures in C/SIDE

A very interesting issue about "Using ADO & Stored Procedures in C/SIDE" by Eric Wauters (MVP) Recently, I had to do a small project. A client of us wanted to see the global inventory of all its companies. Furthermore, the companies were also spread over multiple databases. They wanted quick answers on questions like "What is the inventory of this item in any location in any company in any database". Now, I'm not going to tell you how I solved the case. I just wanted to highlight some inter 
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Categoria: Dynamics NAV ALL
mercoledì, 30 nov 2011 Ore. 12.58

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2012 announced

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2012 announced   At the Dynamics NAV partner conference Directions EMEA held in Berlin in May, Microsoft announced the release of Microsoft Dynamics ‘7.0’ (2012) to be released in September/October 2012. So far a detailed and public “What’s new” document has not been released. The classic client (as known from before NAV 2009) will be history. And so will the Form Object. Instead you will have to use the RoleTailored environment with its Page object. It also mean 
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Categoria: Dynamics NAV 2013
martedì, 29 nov 2011 Ore. 18.03

NAV 2009 Trusted Delegation over SQL Server Cluster Scenario

Scenario: > Configuring a NAV 2009 three levels architecture using an SQL Server Failover Cluster infrastructure Operations: > To use RTC Clients and WS Services on three levels configuration on SQL Server Cluster Scenario  ->  it 's necessary to add ALL delegations to any Virtual Cluster Definition and on any Phiscial Cluster Node. > in this case : making a delegation on user "_cluSQL" --> user is used for SQL Service, WS Services, NAS Services > Create a M 
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mercoledì, 23 nov 2011 Ore. 16.06

Web Seminar Iron NAV

Web Seminar Iron NAV, mercoledì 16 novembre · 15.00 - 16.00 Altea presenta Iron-NAV, la Soluzione creata per le Rubinetterie, le aziende del Valvolame e dei manufatti in metallo.Altea ti invita a seguire il WebSeminar di approfondimento della Soluzione Iron-NAV, il gestionale/ERP frutto di oltre 10 anni di esperienza in aziende del settore manifatturiero.Iron-Nav è il Verticale per Microsoft Dynamics NAV che ti assicura una gestione integrata della tua azienda e che ti permette di ev...idenzi 
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lunedì, 07 nov 2011 Ore. 16.53
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