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Microsoft MCP Business Page

My Microsoft Virtual Card     
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Categoria: News Events
martedì, 28 set 2010 Ore. 21.54

My New MCP Business Card  
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Categoria: Community & Forums
sabato, 18 set 2010 Ore. 01.50

Shrink datafiles with Sql Script

Uno script per compattare tutti i datafiles rilasciando spazio a scritp to compact alla datfiles with space relesing at the end USE Database GODECLARE @fileid as intDECLARE @name as varchar(50)DECLARE contact_cursor CURSOR FORSELECT file_id, nameFROM sys.database_files; OPEN contact_cursor;FETCH NEXT FROM contact_cursorINTO @fileid, @name; WHILE @@FETCH_STATUS = 0BEGIN    --Shrink datafile. Rilascia tutto lo spazio disponibile alla fine del file sistema operativo.   
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Categoria: Sql Server ALL
giovedì, 02 set 2010 Ore. 09.42

Shrink defrag databases - Test Script

Shrink defrag databases An the end, only you can determine whether you want to shrink or not. With above information, you hopefully have enough to go on when making that decision. You probably know by now what I think of regular shrinking. Not to talk about autoshrink. :-)Below you find the T-SQL code I ran to prove that shrinking of a database will generate the same amount of transaction log records as the amount of data which was moved. (The script uses the 'NUL' filename as backup destinatio 
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Categoria: Sql Server ALL
mercoledì, 01 set 2010 Ore. 09.20
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