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NAV 2015 First Impressions

NAV 2015 First Impressions 

NAV Windows Client
...about UI Style in general...  essential... NAV 2013R2 based...  is the same !

NAV Web Client
... few limitations... the same of NAV 20123R2.. IS "like" Windows client !

NAV Tablet Client
... the future is here, Great also on Ipad-mini !  good.

Improved Cues
... nice... many colors for management & KPI !

Device Handling

... mac address reservation and different license models

Sessions Events Handling

.. clear tracking elements

Power Shell History

... nice features.. all is tracking !

UI Elements removal

.. you can activate for one server and deactivate for Others  .!. good.

Document reporting using Microsoft Word templates !!
... great idea... this is THE report solution!
... xml mapping is integrated in NAV report object .. WORDLAYOUT command run with with stream feature
...Word Layour & RDLC Layout are available in same report
...Word is Word !!

New Demo Reports 1304, 1305, 1306,1306, 1307 with Double Layout (RDLC, Word)

... Word Report Layuout !!

Server scheduling reporting
...very nice feature, like documents batch posting... you can print inventory report and planning a job...
... non more coffe break during report printing !!!