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Import Exchange Rates from Central European Bank

Codeunit Import Exchange Rates

A very simply codeunit to import daily exchange rates directly from Central European Bank with XML Filestream IN

Documentation Section

//*** Import "New Change Rate" from  "ECB.EUROPA.EU"    --> FIX TIME >= 2.00 AM
//*** Import XML File "Change Rate" from "ECB.EUROPA.EU" --> "eurofxref-daily.xml"
//*** XmlTextReader Global Dim  DotNet  System.Xml.XmlTextReader.'System.Xml, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089'
Global Variables
XmlTextReader DotNet  System.Xml.XmlTextReader.'System.Xml, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089' 
codCurrency Code 20
decRate  Decimal  
datValueDate  Date  
intYear  Integer  
intMonth  Integer  
intDay  Integer  
intNodeCounter  Integer  
Currency Record  Currency 
CurrencyExchangeRate Record  Currency Exchange Rate 

OnRun() Section

//Direct XML Text Reader (XML Stream IN)
XmlTextReader := XmlTextReader.XmlTextReader('');
WHILE XmlTextReader.Read DO BEGIN
  IF XmlTextReader.Name = 'Cube' THEN BEGIN
    IF XmlTextReader.AttributeCount = 1 THEN BEGIN
      XmlTextReader.MoveToAttribute('time');  //Time
      EVALUATE(intYear,COPYSTR(XmlTextReader.Value,1,4));   //Year
      EVALUATE(intMonth,COPYSTR(XmlTextReader.Value,6,2));  //Month
      EVALUATE(intDay,COPYSTR(XmlTextReader.Value,9,2));    //Day
      datValueDate := DMY2DATE(intDay,intMonth,intYear);    //Value Date
    IF XmlTextReader.AttributeCount = 2 THEN BEGIN
      XmlTextReader.MoveToAttribute('currency');  // Currency
      codCurrency := XmlTextReader.Value;     
      XmlTextReader.MoveToAttribute('rate');   // Rate

      //  MESSAGE('%1 - %2',codCurrency,decRate); > TEST MESSAGE
      // INSERT\MODIFY New Fix Exchange Rate
      IF Currency.GET(codCurrency) THEN BEGIN
        CurrencyExchangeRate."Currency Code" := codCurrency;
        CurrencyExchangeRate."Starting Date" := WORKDATE;
        CurrencyExchangeRate."Exchange Rate Amount" :=  decRate;
        CurrencyExchangeRate."Relational Exch. Rate Amount" :=1;
        CurrencyExchangeRate."Fix Exchange Rate Amount" := CurrencyExchangeRate."Fix Exchange Rate Amount"::"Relational Currency";
        IF NOT CurrencyExchangeRate.INSERT THEN

Based and rivisited on original Mibuso solution.

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sabato, 07 mar 2015 Ore. 15.05

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