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Dynamics NAV Permissions (& Sets) VS Roles (& Profiles)

Dynamics NAV Permissions (& Sets) VS Roles (& Profiles)

Question on NAV Forum

"auditors want to see what permissions sets apply to the job title and not to the windows user.", Is there any way in NAV 2013R2 to combine several different permission sets to a job title ??

My Answer

Permissions are mapped to users by design in NAV.

Permissions sets & roles aren't linked objects in NAV; to solve your request you need to build a "Department" or "Job Title" permission set linked to a corrispective "Department" Profile; you can add some permissions set to a single user using BASIC set, Department set etc. (scalar permissions sets)

"job title"  > is your Profile (with role) with permissions sets mapped to user.


MSDN Links

How to: Profiles and Role Centers

"Profiles are collections of Microsoft Dynamics NAV users who share the same Role Center. A Role Center is a type of page on which you can place different parts. Each part is a container in which you can host other pages or pre-defined system parts, such as an Outlook part or parts for adding tasks, notifications, or notes. "

How to: Working with Role Centers

A Role Center is a home page in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 for all users of a profile. For example, the Order Processor Role Center has been configured to reflect the tasks and priorities of an order processor. In RoleTailored clients, the profile that is used appears in the header of the Role Center’s main content area. An administrator can then customize this Role Center to meet the needs of a specific role in a specific company. The Order Processor Role Center can then be further personalized on a single computer to meet the needs of a person who is carrying out the job as an order processor. This person can personalize the Role Center by saving queries, adding filters, and adding or removing fields.

How to: Define Permissions for Users

"Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides a set of standard permission sets. A permission set is a collection of permissions for specific objects in the database. All users must be assigned one or more permission sets before they can use a RoleTailored Client".


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