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About Dynamics NAV 2015 “Crete”

About Dynamics NAV 2015 “Crete”

NAV 2015 is built to create a uniform experience across devices, is also a Business Intelligence Oriented.
Crete’s main emphasis is on Power Business Intelligence (BI), integration with Office 365 and document reporting.

With Crete, Microsoft is focused on helping small businesses tap the full potential of big data insights in their critical business processes.
Through Power BI, Crete users will be able to use common tools such as SharePoint, Excel and mobile devices.

Some of the key features in the Power BI module include:
- Power Query
- Power Pivot & View

Power BI will also be accessible through Windows 8 app-enabled phones, iOS and Android devices.

Crete is poised to have powerful enterprise-comparable features that are quick to deploy and easy to implement.

Beta Testing
The Crete is expected to be a major NAV upgrade, Crete is expected to partner testing in June and launches in beta for business in September ...
(waiting for confirmation in next Convergence, next week...)

based on post:
Looking Ahead: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

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