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Connecting the RoleTailored Client over a Wide Area Network

Connecting the RoleTailored Client over a Wide Area Network



This white paper includes instructions for protecting your WAN connections with security certificates. We recommend that you do not implement remote access without security certificates.

To  See 
Read about the certificate security implementation that is presented in this white paper.
 -Using Certificates to Secure a Remote RoleTailored Client Connection
Follow a detailed demonstration of how to set up an environment for testing secure connections over a WAN by using the chain trust configuration.
 -Walkthrough: Implementing Security Certificates in a Test Environment
Learn how to implement security certificates in a production environment.
 -How to: Implement Security Certificates in a Production Environment
Determine whether your users fit the performance profile for running the RoleTailored client over a WAN.
 -Performance Considerations

Performance Considerations

Virtualization with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2

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