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Security, Permissions, Synchronization Tips

Security and Permissions

In previous versions of the SQL Server Option for Navision, you can enter a
Windows group in the Windows Login table
and assign Navision roles to this
group. Any user who is member of this group is assigned these permissions
when they log on to the system and open this database.

In Navision 4.0 you must enter the Windows group in the Windows Login table
and enter the Windows account for each individual user that is a member of
that group. You do not need to assign any Navision roles to the individual
users as long as the roles that the Windows group is assigned contain all
the permissions that the users need. The users Windows account must be
entered in the Windows Login table before any SQL permissions can be
assigned to that user in the SQL database.


Every time you make any changes to the Navision security system you must
synchronize the security system with SQL Server.

To synchronize the security system, click Tools, Security, Synchronize. To
synchronize the security system, you must have permission to access the
Navision security system.

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