PRE.MIO Biblioteche di Roma. Il premio dei lettori
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BiblioPoesia. il nuovo vincitore e la poesia in originale


BiblioIndovina la poesia: il vincitore è Teo Orlando

Dalle sue parole la spiegazione

La nuova poesia è un estratto da In memoria di Sigmund Freud (In memory of Sigmund Freud) di Wystan Hugh Auden (comparsa in traduzione italiana nella raccolta Un altro tempo [Another Time], nella sezione Poesie d'occasione (Occasional Poems) a cura di Nicola Gardini, Milano, Adelphi , 1997).

Teo Orlando, Circolo Rispoli

In memory of Sigmund Freud (extract)

No wonder the ancient cultures of conceit

in his technique of unsettlement foresaw

   the fall of princes, the collapse of

 their lucrative patterns of frustration:


if he succeeded, why, the Generalised Life

would become impossible, the monolith

   of State be broken and prevented

 the co-operation of avengers.


Of course they called on God, but he went his way

down among the lost people like Dante, down

   to the stinking fosse where the injured

 lead the ugly life of the rejected,


and showed us what evil is, not, as we thought,

deeds that must be punished, but our lack of faith,

   our dishonest mood of denial,

 the concupiscence of the oppressor.


If some traces of the autocratic pose,

the paternal strictness he distrusted, still

   clung to his utterance and features,

 it was a protective coloration


for one who'd lived among enemies so long:

if often he was wrong and, at times, absurd,

   to us he is no more a person

 now but a whole climate of opinion.

Whystan Hugh Auden su Wikipedia

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