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    Mono sounds like a great project and the community is large. There are a couple of projects i love:Beagle Develop one instead of using the regular System.Windows.* use the GTK arch to create windows and base its skin to system theme (compatible with gtk arch).I think will be nice to have a new Window abstraction to merge both Windows and GTK Forms architecture to write completely switchable programs.But for now 
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    Categoria: General
    mercoledì, 26 ott 2005 Ore. 11.54


    Wow, university leave me just a bit of private life once a day. *DANG* Ain't abandoned dopostback, just i'm in that place almost all days (and all day long...) and some exams incoming. Just a bunch of life for me ;-)I'm completely involved on gentoo linux, i think my skills on linux are awfully upgraded since one month ago... Great!I'm learing about kernel related architecture, and linux is perfect with it's manual. Ok these are totally different from NT arch but i need to know, and when i'll us 
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    Categoria: General
    mercoledì, 26 ott 2005 Ore. 11.47

    Back to school!!

    Today started my 2nd year on university!!! (I'm happy about that!)And i just passed two exams.... OWNED!Let's go 
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    Categoria: General
    lunedì, 03 ott 2005 Ore. 23.11
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