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    Internet was under attack!

    Internet was under attack! Between Saturday and Sunday a little piece of code "SQL Slammer" brings up one of the must powerfull internet's slowing down . This virus targets SQL Server and MSDE Databases by using UDP Port 1434 and an old vulnerability patched by Microsoft on Bullettin MS02-039 on July 24, 2002. CERT (Http:// on the CERT® Advisory CA-2003-04 MS-SQL Server Worm wrote: "The worm targeting SQL Server computers is self-propagating malicious cod 
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    Categoria: General
    lunedì, 27 gen 2003 Ore. 10.45

    I didn't forget my blog...

    I didn't forget my blog, just i'm tuning the new server :-) Plz have patience thanks  
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    Categoria: General
    giovedì, 23 gen 2003 Ore. 14.59

    Maintenance message

    Maintenance message: For a while, Dopostback could be offline for maintenance Finally i'll go to new .NET server! BTW, i'll set an alert when done. Dopostback Blogger now has about 50/60 visitor per day! Thanks for your support! 
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    Categoria: General
    domenica, 19 gen 2003 Ore. 16.18

    Microsoft Windows 2003 Server overview

    Microsoft Windows 2003 Server overview. I'm using RC2 of this Server OS and i'm very excited! Microsoft allows world governements to view the Windows source code: now they can test or simply view how Windows works for security and everithing they need. Wired link In italy, the price of CD-R is increased for fighting the piracy. Now a little bit of cost of CD-R will be used to pay rights to Software Developers and Discography. 
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    Categoria: General
    giovedì, 16 gen 2003 Ore. 10.24

    Creating IDE Interfaces

    Creating IDE Interfaces using both C# and Source code and example a go-go! For mere mortals, an IDE interface is similar to the's view with dockable windows and enanched menus. How to use Serial Comm using C# Next time! 
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    Categoria: General
    martedì, 14 gen 2003 Ore. 18.55

    Another best game: Post Mortem

    Another best game: Post Mortem Http:// Don't worry about the name, the game involves the player with a thriller story on the roads on 1920s in Paris. Point-and-click excellent videogamse from Microids! If you love this kind of game don't forget Syberia (same manufacturer) Http:// Http:// i found this site during my last searchs about IDE interfaces. Absolutely to see! 
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    Categoria: General
    domenica, 12 gen 2003 Ore. 23.23

    How to set up a NNTP > WEB gateway

    How to set up a NNTP > WEB gateway with ASP.NET Microsoft released an enanchement for its web services: Microsoft WSE 1.0 Related to this news, i bought a new book about web services Professional ASP.NET Web Services This book covers Webservices using VB.NET. C# specific version is Professional C# Web Services Bye! 
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    Categoria: General
    giovedì, 09 gen 2003 Ore. 16.01


    2-sites-at-a-glance: Http://, a friend of mine, manages a flash+php site. To view if you are interested in working with these two tecnologies! Http://, a brand new site for Macromedia MX developers. Very interesting, with high-level tutorials and code Involved on my recent studies across C# and .NET Programming, i saw this site:, directly from O'Reilly! See this interesting article Next time f 
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    Categoria: General
    lunedì, 06 gen 2003 Ore. 23.52

    Back from my holidays!

    Back from my holidays! i hope you will have a very good 2003!During my holidays i read Beginning Visual C#: one of the best books i ever seen!Karli Watson & C. are clear in explaining tecniques and tutorials and the book is never complex. Require VisualStudio.NET or Standard Edition installed.Through classes and function you learn how to write even more complex application by using console or Windows Form.If you need to learn C#, this could be a pretty good point of start.Bookmarks 
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    Categoria: General
    venerdì, 03 gen 2003 Ore. 00.15
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