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    Vista, official name for Longhorn

    Microsoft releases at MICROSOFT GLOBAL BRIEFING the new name for windows' child: VISTAWindows Vista HomepageWebcast presentation 
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    Categoria: General
    lunedì, 25 lug 2005 Ore. 15.55

    ItextSharp 3.0.4 available

    Check this new issue Here is the changelog And here the refreshed web page. This is one of the best project i ever seen on PDF and .NET for freely usage. Great great great! Thank Gerard Henson  
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    Categoria: General
    sabato, 23 lug 2005 Ore. 16.31

    Dopostback CodeName: stige is online!!!

    Finally is online my new version 3. Thanks to David for helps and my brand new forum! Look for it at news://forums.dopost...general forum (for helps, see related page at Enjoy navigation! (and allow me some error ;) i'm not a robot!) 
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    Categoria: General
    venerdì, 15 lug 2005 Ore. 17.40

    The Advertiser funny article

    I don't know if the Author is serious, but i think that Apple will gain a new life on Intel platform. Read this Article: Apple goes to the dark side 
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    Categoria: General
    lunedì, 11 lug 2005 Ore. 13.01
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