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    ItextSharp 3.0.7

    ItextSharp 3.0.7 Available!This version was online since august, but before publishing this news, i tried for some tests. Again, this assembly for creating pdf is perfect. I love it 
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    Categoria: General
    martedì, 27 set 2005 Ore. 12.03

    MM Rss trouble

    There was a problem on Macromedia RSS Feed, a not well formed content of a tag. So this was the cause of malfunction on I used this trouble to implement an validation for RSS so since today i *hope* there will be no more troubles with deformed xml feeds.Macromedia Macromedia.... 
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    Categoria: General
    giovedì, 22 set 2005 Ore. 23.16

    Toshiba's methanol battery

    Toshiba announces a methanol based battery for Mp3 players. a diesel fuel pc?!?! Ehy man, give me 10$ of gas for my fucking pc faggot!I love this one 
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    Categoria: General
    martedì, 20 set 2005 Ore. 02.46

    Ok Back Workin'

    Hey people! I was back from my holidays and back from examination on my UNI.What's new? I love this one: want it!!!See this destroying test on ArsTecnica!!!!!Ok ok back programming! 
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    Categoria: General
    martedì, 13 set 2005 Ore. 19.14
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