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    Dopostback Photo Engine

    Dopostback PhotoEngine is now hosted on, in order to gain developers and stability for this app. You can see the binary and source code here: PhotoEngine project on I hope to find support for my app and have, finally, a stable release to share. Thanks all for suggestion. p.s.: i removed forums about on my Forum, if you need to know something about, fell free to use feedback form or join in forums and write. 
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    Categoria: General
    venerdì, 28 mag 2004 Ore. 03.31

    Bug fixed

    I found and fixed a link on dopostback blog engine that often blocks users posting their blog. Now works properly. Thanks Jay!  
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    Categoria: General
    lunedì, 24 mag 2004 Ore. 02.00

    Microsoft Speech Engine for .NET

    Microsoft Speech Application SDK The Microsoft Speech Application SDK Version 1.0 (SASDK) is a developer's kit for adding speech interfaces to Microsoft ASP.NET Web applications. I tried some examples, gorgeous! 
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    Categoria: General
    domenica, 23 mag 2004 Ore. 08.27

    Dopostback V2.0 update

    Dopostback now is working at 99.9% of its power. There was still problems with search engine, that now works properly with google. I also fixed problems that dopostback had with its old (V1.2) Urls. Now my httphandler redirects old links to newers. I have in my list of TODO some tricks to enanche this blog. I remember to my registered users that they can now post their blog entries that will be shown on homepage. So join with me updating Dopostback blog. 
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    Categoria: General
    giovedì, 20 mag 2004 Ore. 08.08

    Macromedia delivers RoboDemo 5

    Macromedia RoboDemo is the easiest way to create interactive demonstrations and software simulations in Flash format. RoboDemo records your actions in any application and instantly creates a Flash simulation with visible and audible mouse movements. The small file size and high resolution make RoboDemo simulations and demos easy to publish online or burn to CD for use in training, sales, marketing, or user support. Robodemo homepage 
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    Categoria: General
    mercoledì, 19 mag 2004 Ore. 09.25

    .NET Architecture: Integration Patterns

    Interesting article on MSDN: Integration patters 
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    Categoria: General
    mercoledì, 19 mag 2004 Ore. 09.15

    Macromedia Community Week

    Macromedia is celebrating our customer community by hosting a week-long series of customer-focused events. Participate in these free online presentations and Wednesday's worldwide meeting to learn tips and tricks from Macromedia product teams and your peers.Click Here 
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    Categoria: General
    sabato, 15 mag 2004 Ore. 16.37

    Tips for iTextSharp

    For those who use iTextSharp to create PDF with .net (see my article about), you need to re-build the assembly if you use #ZipLib version I wrote on Forum a detailed step by step for doing that. 
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    Categoria: General
    mercoledì, 05 mag 2004 Ore. 16.37

    SharpZipLib 0.6.0

    IC#Code Team releases #Ziplib 0.6.0, with many bugfixes. 
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    Categoria: General
    lunedì, 03 mag 2004 Ore. 02.31
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