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      qDiscussionView Web Part

      Da Quest e Doug Davies un piccolo grande regalo alla comunità di Sharepoint: qDiscussionView

      Si tratta di una Web Part che implementa un forum di discussione "lievemente" più user-friendly di quello di serie fornito da WSS/MOSS

      Here is the new qDiscussionView from the 5.0 release of WebParts. This is a free unrestricted use of this WebPart. This is for 32-bit systems, for the 64-bit version go here.

      After download run setup and install this on the required SharePoint Front End Servers for which you are an administrator of. After Install this WebPart will be available to any site owner on the server.

      This WebPart is forum supported at this forum

      This WebPart allows you to create much more interactive and collaborative discussions.

      This WebPart leverages the existing discussion boards, so an empty discussion board has to be added first. You can also connect this webpart to an existing discussion board.


      Make sure you refer to the discussion board in the  qdiscusssionview webpart thru the ezEdit configurator.

      Categoria: Sharepoint
      venerdì, 19 giu 2009 Ore. 17.18
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