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      Outlook Power Tool for SharePoint

      Da Winapp Technology un interessante tools per estendere le funzionalità della UI di Sharepoint (WSS/MOOS)
      Outlook Power Tool for SharePoint (lo potete scaricare qua) .

      Sergio Otoya, Director of SharePoint Development at Winapp Technoplogy explains how to inject some more of Office back into SharePoint with this Outlook Send Tool developed by Winapp technology. 

      Sharepoint delivers incredible features that enhance users collaboration and document management experience. However, if you ever used Windows Explorer, selected 3 files, right clicked and selected send to recipient then you would be amazed that Sharepoint does not offer this functionality out of the box for sending multiple links and multiple attachments from the web views.

      This affects the productivity of your users and consequently their attitudes to the portal.

      This free tool has now been updated to allow users to:

    • Toggle selection of all files in a document library
    • Delete multiple files from a document library
    • Highlight selected files
    • Send multiple links and multiple attachments

    • Funzionalità interessanti. MOLTO.

      Categoria: Sharepoint
      giovedì, 12 apr 2007 Ore. 01.05
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