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Buffer Overrun Detected when running Microsoft Word (Italian version)

L'articolo ORIGINALE che scrissi per la Knowledge base Microsoft si trova qui:
occhio a quello tradotto in italiano dal pessimo traduttore automatico:

Author: Ester Memoli MVP


You could receive this error message:
"Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library"
"Buffer overrun detected! 
A buffer overun has been detected which has corrupted the program's internal state."
And Word must be closed.


Italian users' feedback confirmed that msgrit32.dll and/or mssp32it.dll libraries cause Word crash. These libraries belong to Italian grammar and spell checker.


Check for updates in Office Update Website:
If updates don't work try these workarounds:

- Rename msgrit32.dll as msgrit32.dll.old
- Go to Word menu Tools > Options > Grammar and spelling
and uncheck the "Check grammar" and "Check spelling" boxes
- Go to Tools > Autocorrect options > Smart tag
and uncheck the "Label data with smart tag" box

See also:
WD2002: Word Stops Responding When You Use Italian Grammar Checker
WD2002: Error Message: Word Cannot Find the Spelling File Mssp3XX.dll or Mssp232.dll
WD2000: Word 2000 May Randomly Stop Responding When You Use the Italian Word 2000 Grammar Checker
Categoria: Microsoft Office
mercoledì, 07 set 2005 Ore. 22.22
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