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WSUS ha un arrivo la patch

It’s never a good thing when Microsoft’s Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) enterprise-patch mechanism malfunctions. It’s even worse when WSUS breaks down right before the company plans to start pushing out its regularly scheduled Patch Tuesday fixes.

That’s what has happened this week. In a November 13 post to the WSUS Team blog, Microsoft officials acknowledged:

“We have been hearing reports from some customers who use WSUS that they have been having trouble accessing their administration consoles. We have confirmed the cause of this issue and fixed it on our servers, which will automatically fix the issue for most customers on their next synchronization cycle.”

Senior Program Manager for WSUS Bobbie Harder, in that same post provides “steps customers can take to get WSUS working again even sooner.”

Questo è quanto pratica c'è un problema, che si presenta in alcuni casi, che pianta la console di WSUS.....rimaniamo in attesa della patch. Intanto potete andare sul sito del Team di WSUS e leggere le info sul problema, a questo link:

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