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MVP INSIDER di dicembre: Ester Memoli !!!

Ester Memoli works as a Technical Support Engineer in the Social & Healthcare Department of Regione Veneto – San Polo. She actively participates in the* hierarchy, mostly in the Microsoft® Office newsgroups, especially Microsoft Office Word®. She hosts a blog at dot Net Hell, where she has published many Tips & Tricks.

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Un paio di stralci:

What’s the best thing that has happened since you’ve become an MVP?

Actually, there are two things that I value most. First, I appreciate my friendships with other Italian MVPs and feeling appreciated by MVPs and Microsoft members. Secondly, as a Christmas gift for other Italian MVPs, I created a screensaver, which was also noticed by my MVP Lead. Consequently, I was asked to produce another screensaver for all EMEA MVPs. My Lead presented this screensaver at the MVP Global Summit in Seattle during the MVP dinner. I am especially honored and exalted by this experience!

If you could ask Steve Ballmer one question about Microsoft, what would it be?

I would not ask him anything technical as I know that others could ask a good technical question. I think I would ask only one, rather self-serving question – "Could you increase the MVP credit on eCompany store?" While it may seem like a funny question, I truly love merchandising!

If you were the manager of Microsoft Word, what would you change?

A common annoying problem that affects the Italian version of Microsoft Word is the msgrit32.dll bug, which causes Microsoft Word to crash. The only way to avoid this problem is to use a workaround that disables grammar checker and smart tag flagging. Italian users would greatly appreciate if Microsoft attended to this problem, but the issue still remains unsolved. I expect that Microsoft Office 2003 SP2 will help users who use this version, but those who use other versions remain frustrated or angry. I also wrote a knowledge base article reviewing the problem: "Buffer Overrun Detected when running Microsoft Word (Italian version)". If I were a Microsoft Word manager, I would make solving this problem a priority.

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