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Nuovo Sondaggio: "Vi manca il BACKUP LOG WITH TRUNCATE_ONLY?"

Ecco aggiunto un nuovo sondaggio. Il titolo vuole essere un pochino "provocatorio" perchè ci sono stati piccoli scontri tra molte persone non appena l'opzione è stata deprecata in SQL Server 2008.
Prima di rispondere, a mio avviso, dovreste dare una letta a quanto scritto sui BOL di SQL Server 2005:

"Used in only BACKUP LOG statements, performs a checkpoint to manually force the transaction log to be truncated. NO_LOG and TRUNCATE_ONLY are synonyms. Specifying a backup device is unnecessary because the log is not backed up.

Under the simple recovery model, performing a checkpoint removes the inactive part of the log without making a backup copy. This truncates the log by discarding all but the active log. This option frees space, but risks possible data loss. After the log is truncated by using either NO_LOG or TRUNCATE_ONLY, the changes recorded in the truncated portion of the log are not recoverable until the next database backup. Therefore, for recovery purposes, after using either of these options, immediately execute BACKUP DATABASE to take a full or differential database backup.

We recommend that you never use NO_LOG or TRUNCATE_ONLY to manually truncate the transaction log, because this breaks the log chain. Until the next full or differential database backup, the database is not protected from media failure. Use manual log truncation in only very special circumstances, and create backups of the data immediately."

Stay Tuned! 

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sabato, 19 set 2009 Ore. 17.35
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