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Ajax Control Toolkit 3.0.30512

E' stata rilasciata una nuova versione dell'Ajax Control Toolkit che include 3 nuovi controlli:

- HTML Editor: The HTMLEditor control allows you to easily create and edit HTML content. You can edit in design mode, as a rich text editor, or in source view to edit the HTML markup directly.

- ComboBox: The ComboBox control provides a DropDownList of items, combined with TextBox. Different modes determine the interplay between the text entry and the list of items.

- ColorPicker: The ColorPicker Control Extender can be attached to any ASP.NET TextBox control. It provides client-side color-picking functionality with UI in a popup control.

Potete provarli direttamente sul sito di demo:

Categoria: ASP.NET
venerdì, 15 mag 2009 Ore. 11.40
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