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WSRP Toolkit for SharePoint

Il team di sviluppo di Sharepoint ha annunciato il rilascio di WSRP Toolkit che permette di esporre i dati di Sharepoint ad altri portali quali(BEA, Webphere altri).

Il toolkit consiste in:

  1. Visual Studio sample projects that demonstrate two different approaches to producing WSRP conformant output from SharePoint lists and libraries
  2. A whitepaper that provides details on the different architectural approaches of the two WSRP producer samples
  3. Screen casts showing the two WSRP producer samples in action

Potete trovare il toolkit su code gallery

Inoltre potete vedere due screencast :

First example of WSRP Producer solution

Second example of the Producer using an ASP.NET page

martedì, 16 dic 2008 Ore. 14.07
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