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Understanding Site Pages versus Application Pages

Bellissimo post di Ted Pattions sulla differenza tra SitePages e Application Pages.

In particolare Ted analizza le scelte di quando creare una sitepages piuttosto che una application pages e in breve sono:

The reasons to create pages as site pages

  • The page must support customization through Web Parts
  • The page must support customization through the SharePoint Designer
  • The page must be added dynamically through code or through feature activation
  • You must add multiple instances of the page to a site

The reasons to create pages as application pages

  • You want to prohibit user customization
  • You want to avoid safe mode processing
  • You want to achieve the best possible performance


Inoltre vi consiglio di leggere l'intero post che è molto interessante

giovedì, 11 ott 2007 Ore. 15.58
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