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SQL Server Migration Assistant for Sybase ASE

SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for Sybase ASE is a complete suite of tools that dramatically cuts the effort, cost, and risk of migrating from Sybase ASE database to SQL Server. SSMA automates almost every aspect of the migration process including assessment, schema and data migration, business logic conversion.

With SSMA, IT organizations now have the freedom to move to SQL Server and take advantage of SQL Server's exceptional security, scalability, developer productivity, and the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership.

SSMA for Sybase ASE consists of a client tool that you use to migrate ASE databases to SQL Server, and an extension pack that contains tables and stored procedures to support migration and functions that replace Sybase ASE system function usage in migrated databases.
Categoria: SQL Server
venerdì, 09 giu 2006 Ore. 22.03
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