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SQL Server 2005 Samples and Sample Databases (July 2006) - 9.00.2510

Contestualmente ai Books Online è stato rilasciato un aggiornamento dei database di esempio e degli esempi di codice.

The samples download provides over 100 samples for SQL Server 2005, demonstrating the following components:

• Database Engine, including administration, data access, Full-Text Search, Common Language Runtime (CLR) integration, Server Management Objects (SMO), Service Broker, and XML
• Analysis Services
• Integration Services
• Notification Services
• Reporting Services
• Replication

The samples databases downloads include the AdventureWorks sample online transaction processing (OLTP) database, the AdventureWorksDW sample data warehouse, and the AdventureWorksAS sample Analysis Services database. These databases are used in the samples and in the code examples in the SQL Server 2005 Books Online.

Since its original release, new samples have been added for the following technologies: CLR, SMO, Integration Services, Replication, and Reporting Services. See the SQLServerDatabasesAndSamplesOverview.htm file for descriptions of the new and original samples.
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venerdì, 21 lug 2006 Ore. 21.46
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