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SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Teacher Starter Kit (C#)

This teacher starter kit is a functional application for teachers or other professional instructors to use for managing one or more classes.
Built using SQL Server 2005 Express Edition and Visual Studio Express, the Teacher Starter Kit is a rich client application for keeping track of students, course rosters, and assessments or grades.

Note: This starter kit requires SQL Server 2005 Express and Visual C#Express

• Define course information like course number, topic, and schedule.
• Assign students to courses.
• Create assessments for courses to track scores for tests or other assignments.
• Track grades by individual student or assessment
• Use reports to see course and student progress
• See a student’s overall assessment scores across courses.
• Track scores for all assessments associated with a specific course.
• Learn how to call Web services directly from your application.
Categoria: SQL Server
giovedì, 20 apr 2006 Ore. 11.03
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