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SQL Dependency Tracker™

Un mese fa vi avevo preannunciato che Red-Gate Software stava lavorando alla RTM di un tool in grado di visualizzare graficamente le dipendenze tra gli oggetti di un database SQL Server (compreso il recente SQL Server 2005).
Bene, oggi finalmente è stato rilasciato al pubblico il SQL Dependency Tracker™.
Riporto un po' di informazioni prelevate dal sito:

SQL Dependency Tracker™

Visualizes SQL Server object dependencies

  • Graphically track database object dependencies
  • Discover all cross-database and cross-server object relationships
  • Analyze potential impact of database schema changes
  • Rapidly document database dependencies for reports, version control and database change planning

SQL Dependency Tracker allows you to explore dynamically all your database object dependencies, using a range of graphical layouts. You can analyze large Microsoft SQL 2000 and SQL 2005 databases and produce an easy-to-read dependency diagram for thorough pre-impact analysis of all database changes. The fast and simple visual rendering of database structures includes a draggable "overview" window to enable very rapid navigation through large databases, plus clipboard functions for saving and printing your target diagrams.

Categoria: SQL Server
venerdì, 28 apr 2006 Ore. 20.09
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