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Red Gate's SQL Backup™ 5.0 Beta

Segnalo che è appena stata rilasciata la beta della prossima versione di SQL Backup™.
In breve queste sono le novità rispetto alla versione 4.6

Server components:

• Improved performance of backup’s and restores
• Enhanced backup and restore statistics
• Better timing reporting
• Better error reporting
• Better reporting of statistics for restores
• The ability to backup a database to a single file while utilising the speed improvements that a multiple threaded backup gives.

User Interface:

• Redesigned and rewritten from the ground up
• Backup monitoring, Activity monitoring and Future activity prediction capabilities
• A timeline which shows a graphical representation of past, current and predicted future activity
• A series of complimentary grids which correspond to the timeline providing detail for entries on the timeline
• Cluster aware installation mechanism
• Improved backup and restore wizards allowing you to quickly setup the backups and backup jobs you want
• Improved editing of backup jobs
• Asynchronous execution of backups and restores
• Monitoring of backups started by the SQL Server Agent or other SQL Backup users, not just those started by the current user session.
• A compression analyser which can analyse and report the most likely compression achievable during your backups

Chi volesse partecipare alla beta del prodotto, può scaricarlo gratuitamente dal seguente link
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giovedì, 07 dic 2006 Ore. 20.49
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