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luglio 2024

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Upgrade Advisor - CTP June Refresh

Vi segnalo che il 22 luglio Microsoft ha rilasciato un aggiornamento del SQL Server 2005 Upgrade Advisor.
Di che si tratta? Faccio prima ad incollarvi la descrizione che appare sul sito:


The Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Upgrade Advisor is a tool used by Database developers and administrators to analyze SQL Server 7.0 and SQL Server 2000 database servers in preparation for upgrading to SQL Server 2005. The Upgrade Advisor will allow users to analyze the configuration of their existing database services and database applications. As a result of this analysis, Upgrade Advisor will provide reports that identify deprecated features and necessary configuration changes that will impact their Database upgrade process. Upgrade Advisor will also provide links to documentation that describe these changes and necessary steps to complete the process.

If you have questions or comments on the tool, email sqluafb@microsoft.com
Categoria: SQL Server
sabato, 30 lug 2005 Ore. 09.21
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