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Hotfix for SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services SP2 (KB901383)

Io l'ho sempre detto che rispondere ai ng non fa altro che arricchire il proprio Know How.
Questa sera mentre suggerivo ad un utente di microsoft.public.it.sql di aggiornare i SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services al Service Pack 2, ho scoperto che il 24 giugno 2005 è stata rilasciata una hotfix post SP2 che risolve i seguenti problemi:

This hotfix includes fixes for the following problems:

• If you view the parameter lists in the HTML Report Viewer, characters in some languages appear reversed. This problem occurs because Verdana is the font that is used in the HTML Report Viewer. Verdana is used by default. The <HTMLViewerStyleSheet> configuration property lets the user to specify the default style sheet font in the viewer so that fonts are displayed correctly. The <HTMLViewerStyleSheet> property is missing from Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services Service Pack 2 (SP2). This property is included in this hotfix.

• If you render a report in MHTML, the report may have incorrect line breaking or random formatting problems. MHTML is used when you embed report contents in an e-mail message. This problem is a regression that is caused by a change in Reporting Services SP2. The regression addressed the requirement for shorter line lengths in e-mail messages. 

• If you leave and then return to the Schedule page from the Subscription Properties page, the dependent report parameters are disabled. The parameters are then reset to the first value or the default value. This problem occurs when a report subscription is created by using specific parameters, and the schedule is edited. The saved parameter is either disabled or changed to the first value or the default value in the parameter list. 

• If you export a table to a .csv file, the first row of data may be lost. If a report that has table details has a group expression or if the report does not have a detail row, the first row of data may be lost after the table is exported to a .csv file. 

Ecco l'url:

Sul mio server di produzione ho riscontrato proprio un problema di formattazione nei reports in formato MHTML inviati via e-mail.
Domani mattina procedo ad aggiornare il Report Server, nella speranza di risolvere questo inconveniente...
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lunedì, 04 lug 2005 Ore. 21.57
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