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Sharepoint 2010 Developer Center

E' stato lanciato il nuovo sito rivolto agli Sviluppatori Sharepoint 2010

Chiaramente è su MSDN

Questo quello che potete trovare

Getting Started videos and downloads
Learn about Silverlight, the client-side object model, custom workflow, sandboxed solutions, accessing external data, and more!

· Advanced Developer Training videos and downloads
Self-paced, black-belt learning for working with SharePoint developer features such as Enterprise Content Management, Enterprise Search, Application Lifecycle Management, and more!

· What’s New for Developers

· Upgrade Resources for Developers moving from 2007 to 2010. Find out what’s new and changed, even down to a granular list of deprecated APIs

· Developer Downloads, including SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Designer 2010, tools, code samples, and much more!

· Software Development Kit (SDK) and API reference documentation, which is also available as context-sensitive Help in Visual Studio 2010!

· Developer Best Practices, including disposing object, handling large lists, and writing efficient code

· 8 Developer-focused Resource Centers
Resource centers aggregate useful links to SDK documentation, code samples, blogs, and other related content on a central theme. Resource centers typically highlight a SharePoint developer feature or a common customization task. Check out our Business Connectivity Services and Excel Services Resource Centers today... we will have more going live in the coming weeks!

venerdì, 14 mag 2010 Ore. 11.20
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