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Professional Live Communications Server 2005

E' possibile scaricare da qui il libro "Professional Live Communications Server", ecco alcune informazioni:

Book Details
Title: Professional Live Communications Server
Author: Joe Schurman
Published: July 2006
Pages: 302
ISBN: 0-471-77321-2

About this Book
This is the ultimate guide to Live Communications Server (LCS). You'll begin with an introduction to this technology and the suite of Unified Communications products offered by Microsoft, such as Live Meeting 2005, Communicator 2005, and LCS 2005 SP1. The book continues to cover details of the technical configuration of LCS 2005 SP1 and Communicator 2005.

Notes from the field, tips for troubleshooting, frequently asked questions, recommendations for additional resources, and templates for test plans and design guides all combine to prepare you for deploying this technology within your own infrastructure and using it to successfully build real-time collaboration, communications, and presence solutions.

This book may be used as part of the preparation for the Microsoft Learning Exam 70-262: Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005.

What you will learn from this book

  • How Microsoft Unified Communications products enable presence, Instant Messaging, and integrated communication tools within Microsoft Office

  • Techniques for deploying secure Instant Messaging for both internal and remote access

  • How to prepare your infrastructure to deploy LCS 2005 SP1

  • Ways to integrate with VoIP and other telephone systems

  • How to configure message routes and ports

  • How the programming API allows you to create web-based or desktop applications for LCS

  • Understanding deployment timeframes and migration strategy when deploying LCS 2005 SP1

Who this book is for
This book is for those who want to enable Instant Messaging and unified communications or those who require additional technical information regarding LCS 2005 SP1. A working knowledge of a Microsoft Windows Server environment and a general understanding of Active Directory are recommended.
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