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Xbox360, la migliore secondo Itagaki

GameInformer:  You’ve said before you want to develop for the most powerful console out there.  You must be pretty confident in the Xbox 360.Itagaki:  Yes.  I hope so.  I think Xbox 360 is the best game console on the earth.  It’s better than PlayStation 3.GameInformer:  Can I ask you why?Itagaki:  PS3 has too complicated of architecture.fonte: http://www.gameinformer.com/News/Story/200509/N05.0923.1500.24632.htm  
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Categoria: Xbox360
domenica, 25 set 2005 Ore. 00.19

Data di uscita Xbox360

L'xbox360 uscirà il 2 Dicembre, un'ottima occasione per scegliere un bel regalo di natale... 
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Categoria: Xbox360
venerdì, 23 set 2005 Ore. 15.01
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