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Programmatori di tutto il mondo, unitevi!

Ecco il  Manifesto del Fronte di Liberazione del Programmatore dal blog Alarmingdevelopement, una lunga serie di impressioni sull'universo della programmazione, o meglio dei programmatori, partendo dalla sua presunta crisi e stagnazione da 20 anni a questa parte..
Molto idealista ma sicuramente da leggere,e poi meditare...
Vi posto il gran finale!
Programming will continue to suck until we treat this as the overriding issue, and are willing to sacrifice absolutely everything else to fix it. Commercial considerations often dictate that compatibility and performance have the highest priority, with disastrous consequences (witness C++). As the Open Source movement has demonstrated, progress requires overthrowing the economics of software. We will need to go even further, freeing our minds of traditions established with the very first programming languages. Usability is the guiding light to rationally reinvent programming from scratch.
Programming is at a dead-end. The only way things will get better is with a complete revolution. More conservative attempts over the years have repeatedly failed to make a difference, leading to the widespread abandonment of hope. We have nothing to lose.
Programmers of all countries, unite!
Comrade Jonathan Edwards
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