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Commerce Server 2009 "R2" CTP July

E' uscita la "R2" CTP di luglio di Commerce Server 2009.
Le feature sono:
 Channel Configuration feature. The updated feature provides a better channel configuration experience and supports the use of multiple catalogs. You no longer have to type a text value for the channel or catalog that you want your site to use, and you no longer have to open each channel item in a separate window to edit it and commit the change. The updated Channel Configuration feature contains a user interface in which you select the channel and catalog that you want to use.
• Catalog Editing feature. The Catalog Editing feature provides you with the ability to make changes to the catalog while working in the default contemporary site. You can edit product and category information in the Inline Editor component.
Potete fare il download da qui.
Come al solito create una macchina virtuale dove installare il tutto.
venerdì, 10 lug 2009 Ore. 14.15
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