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Download file from Aspx page

   Download file from Aspx page    protected void Download(byte[] zipBytes)    {        System.Web.HttpResponse response = System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Response;        string fileName = "";        response.ContentType = "binary/octet-stream";        response.AddHeader("Content-Type", "binary/octet-stream");        response.AddHeader("Content-Dispositio 
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martedì, 02 gen 2018 Ore. 12.46

PDF Preview

PDF PreviewPer vedere un pdf in pagina mi basta mettere un Iframe e salvare i byte del documento su filesystem dopodichè cambio il source dell'Iframe.<iframe runat="server" id="frameDisplayDocId"  width="500px" height="800px"></iframe>protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)     {         string docName = Request.QueryString["docName"];         string docId = Request.Q 
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mercoledì, 06 nov 2013 Ore. 12.26

Web.config Authorization Authentication

Il Tag AUTHENTICATIONConfigura lo schema di autenticazione ASP.NET utilizzato per identificare gli utenti che visualizzano un'applicazione ASP.NET.<authentication mode="[Windows|Forms|Passport|None]"> <forms>...</forms> <passport/> </authentication> Tag AUTHORIZATIONConfigura l'autorizzazione per un'applicazione Web, con il controllo dell'accesso client alle risorse URL. <aut 
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Categoria: ASP.NET
mercoledì, 06 nov 2013 Ore. 10.08


HL7 Normal 0 14 false false false IT X-NONE X-NONE  
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Categoria: ASP.NET
lunedì, 20 mag 2013 Ore. 11.06

ASP.NET Best Practices for High Performance Applications

1. Plan and research before you develop Research and investigate how .NET can really benefit you. .NET offers a variety of solutions on each level of application design and development. It is imperative that you understand your situation and pros and cons of each approach supported by this rich development environment. Visual Studio is a comprehensive development package and offers many options to implement the same logic. It is really important that you examine each option and find the best op 
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mercoledì, 24 mar 2010 Ore. 10.09
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