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luglio 2018

Windows Defender (Beta 2) Refresh - build 1347 has just been released

Windows Defender (Beta 2) Refresh - Build 1347 has just been released.

This release includes many bug fixes and enhancements including:

- The option to always display the Windows Defender icon in the taskbar notification area. This is one of the biggest customer feedback issues we have received so we are implementing this request.

- Definition update delivery improvements. We have also included changes to help address the major concerns that customers had around staying up to date with definition updates.

- SpyNet data collection improvements - allowing Microsoft to produce more effective definitions to help combat malware.

- Definition quality improvements - with every release, Microsoft enhances the quality of our definitions ensuring that descriptions, advice, category, alert level, and recommended actions are up to date to provide better protection.

- Text improvements in the UI and localization and globalization fixes to support Japanese and German releases.

* You can download the latest copy from:

Mike Chan [MSFT]
Technical Product Manager (Windows Defender)
Microsoft Corporation

venerdì, 14 apr 2006 Ore. 07.54

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