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Tip: elimina i file ineliminabili!

Pocket KillBox:

Author: Option^Explicit
License: Freeware
Operating System: Windows

Download Location:

File Description:
Pocket KillBox
is a program that can be used to get rid of files that stubbornly refuse to allow you to delete them.

Usage Information:
Download this file, extract it, and run the killbox.exe file.
When it loads type the full path to the file you would like to delete in the field and press the Delete File button (looks like a red circle with a white X).
It will prompt you to reboot, allow it to do so, and hopefully your file will now be deleted.

Scarica il file .zip, estrailo e lancia Killbox.exe.
Copia/incolla il percorso completo del file da eliminare nell'apposito campo e premi il pulsante "Delete file" (un cerchietto rosso con una "X" bianca).
Alla richiesta di riavviare il computer, riavvia ed il file verrà eliminato.
Testato: funziona ottimamente e va come una scheggia.

Da provare, eventualmente, anche l'ottimo "


 Altro programma molto efficace: Icesword 1.20
Procedura per la rimozione di file ineliminabili suggerita dagli esperti del forum (in inglese):

Deleting Stubborn Files:
"Sometimes it is necessary to delete a file that doesn’t want to be deleted. Frequently, this is the case in a virus-laden computer where the resident antivirus software is incapable of removing the afflicting files.
This page is aimed primarily at manual removal of virus-infected files that resist deletion. Whether you want to delete stubborn files for that reason or others, the following approach is recommended and should prove helpful. In following these tips, please understand that stubborn file deletion often is as much art as science. To some extent, you have to develop your own technique and, in the case of deeply-rooted viruses, it probably will involve some going back and forth because as you remove some files they may be replaced by others you haven’t yet removed."


Delete Undeletable Files by Daniel Petri is one of the most comprehensive IT related web sites. With hundreds of Windows 2000/XP/2003 and Exchange 2000/2003 related tips ...

Delete "Undeletable" Files
(MVP Doug Knox) How do I delete an "undeletable" file?
Thanks to MS-MVP Kelly Theriot for this tip.
Open a Command Prompt window and leave it open. Close all open programs. ...

Courtesy of Axl Rose: Delete FXP Files
Delete locked and in use files quickly and safely.

Ed infine... anche Hijackthis dispone di una comoda ed efficace funzionalità per l'eliminazione di file... ineliminabili: la funzione è sotto -> MiscTools -> Delete file on reboot (grazie, Gae! ).

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