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Repair IE6 on Windows XP SP2

"Repair IE6 on Windows XP SP2"

Il comando "
iexplore.exe /rereg", digitato (senza virgolette e facendo attenzione allo spazio dopo ".exe") da Start -> Esegui, lancia la procedura di riregistrazione (e di reinstallazione, se necessario) di tutte le librerie (dll) a collegamento dinamico e dei controlli di base di Internet Explorer.
L'operazione viene effettuata in pochi secondi, non mostra la progress bar e non restituisce messaggi al termine (Internet Explorer ed Outlook Express devono essere chiusi).

L’MVP/IE Kai Schaetzl ha riscritto
"iexplore /rereg" risolvendo qualche errore nella lista dei comandi rereg ed aggiungendo nelle istruzioni del comando stesso la riregistrazione / reinstallazione di altre librerie a collegamento dinamico vitali" per IE.


IE6 before XP SP2 and in other Windows versions can be repaired from Control Panel/Software. This repair consists mostly of the reregistration of a bunch of dlls and a reset of the web settings. This isn't possible anymore with XP SP2 and up. As an alternative the developers added a new comand line switch to IE that is supposed to do the reregistration part.
"iexplore /rereg"
in Start/Run should reregister all dlls used by IE and cure most problems that are caused by other programs writing wrong values to the registry. Unfortunately, the list of commands for /rereg contains quite a few mistakes, so that the repair is "throttled" very early on and doesn't repair much. In the current form it's useless.
As a replacement I started to offer this IE repair script that will do just the same that /rereg should do, just correctly, and I added a bit more over time. Download, unpack it, close IE and run ie-rereg.cmd. You can either run it with a double-click or in a command window. The script will then register and install (if suitable) all known dlls that are used by IE. Please be patient, this can take a while (up to a few minutes) because the registration of a certain crypto-related dll takes very long. Wait until the command window has closed before you start using IE again. Don't forget to close IE before running the script!

This script can be used for all IE versions on all Windows platforms.

It may not function 100% on all of them, but what it can do will be done, it won't be confused by errors. As far as I know it cannot do any harm.

(You should have the latest updates for IE installed. If you are not up-to-date and have a certain version of the so-called EOLAS patch installed you might run into trouble! The trouble with this patch is fixed with the Cumulative Security Update Aprill 2006.)
11.05.2005: IE Extensions Manager hinzugefügt/added
12.05.2005: mscoree.dll hinzugefügt/added
Version 1.02

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Ultimo aggiornamento: 2006-05-12 00:44
Autore: Kai Schaetzl, Berlin, Germany, MVP for IE
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Riparazione/reinstallazione di Internet Explorer

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(318378) - In questo articolo viene spiegato come reinstallare o ripristinare Internet Explorer 6 e Outlook Express 6 in Windows XP. Questa operazione potrebbe essere necessaria per risolvere problemi di Internet Explorer o Outlook Express dovuti a file...

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IEFix - General purpose fix for Internet Explorer: 

How to use IEFix utility? (by MVP Ramesh Srinivasan)

IEFix - is a general purpose repair utility for Internet Explorer which repairs Internet Explorer by registering it's core DLL files and reinstalls using the IE.INF file.
More Information is given below. Suitable for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP systems.
Download: IEFix ( Zip ~14Kb) (IEFix v1.6) May 19, 2006.
venerdì, 12 mag 2006 Ore. 08.01

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