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IE7: Error message about PSAPI.DLL

Internet Explorer 7 closes immediately when you start Internet ... Error message about PSAPI.DLLIf you install IE7 and the following error message begins to show:"The procedure entry point GetProcessImageFileNameW could not be located in the dynamic link library PSAPI.DLL."1. Search your hard disk for PSAPI.dll.2. Any copies of this DLL that are found outside of the Windows or Windows\System32 folder should be renamed to PSAPI.bak. Un progr 
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mercoledì, 31 gen 2007 Ore. 13.58

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Autore: GiovanniInviato il: 28 feb 2007 - 23.03
Grazie e mille! Non credevo si risolvesse così facilmente... Un pensiero di meno...

Autore: VincentInviato il: 01 mar 2007 - 08.05
YW. Grazie per il feedback, Giovanni. :-)

Autore: massimoInviato il: 06 apr 2008 - 15.55
Actually in my case it did not work out, my PC went on blue screen continuously.
I had to rename again the file. What if I replace the obsolete version with the one that I have in System32?
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