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Hi Kristen!

Welcome in Italy! And thank you very much for your great work in OE/Windows Mail Team!   Kristen Alvarez è la Product Group Lead di OE, Windows Live Mail Desktop e Windows Mail Team. Stamattina ed oggi pomeriggio ho avuto il piacere ed il privilegio di intrattenere due lunghe "chiacchierate" con lei e con Alessandro Teglia su Outlook Express, gli ultimi aggiornamenti (ed i relativi problemi) e sul futuro di Outlook Express e dei programmi di posta Windows. Inte 
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martedì, 16 mag 2006 Ore. 14.32

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Autore: Kristen AlvarezInviato il: 16 mag 2006 - 14.46
Hello Vincenzo and readers of this blog!

Many thanks for your warm welcome. I greatly enjoyed chatting with you today about Outlook Express and Windows Mail. I hope that you all will enjoy trying the new features in Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail Desktop, and assure you that the Outlook Express team is working on an update for KB911567.

Hope to have the chance to chat with you and other Italian MVPs again in the future. Many thanks.
Autore: VincentInviato il: 16 mag 2006 - 19.49
Kristen. Have a nice holiday season in Italy! ;-)
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